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Your Results for Patient Empowerment

  • Digital Access to Your Health Information

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    Access to health information helps empower Canadians to take an active role in their own health. Using tools like patient portals and personal health records, patients can see their health information, such as lab results, online. This helps you better...

  • Access to Care through Telehealth

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    Telehealth connects patients in remote and rural communities to care through videoconferencing and other technology, reducing the need to travel. As a result, patients are able to gain timely access to care closer to home, saving them hours of travel....

  • Accessing Accurate Information through EHRs

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    Electronic health records (EHRs) can help your health care provider make a timelier and better informed diagnosis by having easy access to a comprehensive picture of your health history. Think Digital Health isn’t Making a Difference? Think Again....

  • Managing Chronic Conditions through Digital Health

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    For those with chronic conditions such as diabetes, digital health can make day-to-day monitoring and tracking easier. Electronic portals and apps enable patients to be a more active part of their care team and to track their condition more closely....

  • What is Digital Health?

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    How Technology is Transforming Health Care Technology plays an important role in many aspects of our lives. Similar to the way technology has improved banking or the way we connect with family and friends, digital health is changing the delivery of...

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How Technology is Transforming Health Care

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