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Your Results for Diagnosis and Treatment

  • Dr. Ewan Affleck’s Story: Doctors Working to Improve the Health of Canadians

    Doctors are working to improve the health of Canadians. Many are transforming health care at the same time, some in surprising ways. These everyday heroes are leading the way towards health care transformation by innovating for patients. To learn more,...

  • Monique’s Story: Improving the Quality of Life

    Hear how Monique's cancer treatment was made easier through her clinic's use of digital health.

  • Marissa’s Story: Digital Imaging

    After fracturing her ankle, Marissa benefited from digital imaging that ensured her x-rays were easily accessible by her care team, when they needed them.

  • Kimberly’s Story: Reducing Medication Errors

    As a community pharmacist, the ability to see her patient’s lab results through an electronic health record helped Kimberly identify the dosage prescribed was too strong for her patient.

  • Dr. Tunji Fatoye's Story: Improving Patient Safety

    Instant access to patient records, medications and hospital visits allows him to see the right information at the right time, keeping patients safer.

  • Dr. Marie-Andrée Fortin's Story: Confidence and Collaboration

    Listen to the experience of Dr. Marie-Andrée Fortin, the head of the radio-oncology department at the Centre intégré de cancérologie de Laval (CICL), on how the clinic's implementation of digital health tools are improving the patient-provider...

  • Dr. Kendall Ho's Story: Treatment in Emergency Situations

    The ability to access a patient’s electronic record online helped Dr. Ho better understand the medical problems his patient was facing.

  • Dr. Alex Summers’s Story: Making Informed Decisions

    Dr. Alex Summers uses electronic medical records in the emergency department, allowing him to more efficiently communicate with colleagues and keep track of patients’ care.

  • Cheryl's Story: Collaboration between Care Teams

    Learn how Cheryl, a mother with a young daughter with special needs, makes her visits with health care providers more efficient through the use of electronic health records. Digital health enables the multiple health care providers to see a...

  • Brian's Story: e-Prescribing

    Digital health facilitates communications between his doctor and pharmacist and means more convenience for him.

  • 99% of Imaging in Canadian Hospitals is Now Digital

    With digital health, your health records, like x-rays, can be accessed by any authorized member of your health care team. Our ad explores how digital imaging is making your x-rays available here, there and everywhere. Learn more by viewing the real-life...

  • Blog Post: Taking an Important Step towards Medication Safety with e-Prescribing

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    Canada is now the second largest consumer of prescription opioids in the world. Learn why e-prescribing is an important step towards medication safety.

  • Infographic: Report on Digital Health: The economics of digital health

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    Infographic showing statistics and testimonials about Canada's growing domestic health IT sector, and how investments in digital health are providing value to patients, the health care system and Canada's economy.

  • Health care moves online: Technological advances give patients access their digital health records

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    Alexa Thompson came to know the extraordinary benefit of online access to her health records in the midst of a major health crisis earlier this year. In March, the Halifax senior was diagnosed with uterine cancer and scheduled for a hysterectomy. Then,...

  • Infographic: Report on Digital Health: Clinicians embracing digital health

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    Infographic showing statistics and testimonials about how clinicians are using technology and digital health tools to provide better patient care.

  • CHEO Celebrates Digital Health Week November 16-22

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    Every day, more of Canada's health care system goes digital. It's a private, secure and effective way to make health care better, for all of us. CHEO is an early innovator and investor in technology because it helps us deliver better health together for...

  • Bet You Don't Know What Week It Is

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    Every day, more of Canada’s health care system goes digital. It’s a private, secure, and effective way to make health care better, for all of us – and this week, we’re celebrating it.

  • Let's Ensure Digital Health Care Does More Help Than Harm

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    The Huffington Post — It's Digital Health Week in Canada (Nov. 16 to 22, 2015). While the impact of digital in health care is not new nor limited to a week, this is a chance to reflect upon the changes and new opportunities coming our way.

  • Manitoba’s Story: Enhancing the Quality of Care

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    eChart Manitoba is the province's electronic health record, a secure electronic system that allows authorized health care providers to view patient health information when needed.

  • Digital Health at Work in Canadian Hospitals

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    From bar codes that ensure patients get the correct medication to clinical decision support tools to hospital information systems, digital health is an integral part of Canadian hospitals. It helps provide authorized staff with timely information about...

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How Technology is Transforming Health Care

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