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Your Results for Accuracy and Convenience

  • Digital Immunization Record

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    The yellow immunization health card is an iconic symbol for every Canadian. But as a parent, imagine being able to check your child’s immunization history electronically instead of having to dig for the paper record? Or what if you received an email...

  • Five Tips for Selecting a Digital Health App

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    To help achieve fitness and health goals, Canadians are coming to rely on various health technologies to track their progress. With so many tools and apps available it is important to choose ones that make sense for you. Dr. Kendall Ho, Professor with...

  • Saving You Time with Digital Health

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    Without the need for travel, or waiting in an office to see a health care provider, digital health innovations are providing modern conveniences and saving Canadians time. Here are some examples: Book an appointment – Schedule an appointment online to...

  • Digital Access to Your Health Information

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    Access to health information helps empower Canadians to take an active role in their own health. Using tools like patient portals and personal health records, patients can see their health information, such as lab results, online. This helps you better...

  • The Benefits of Digital Health

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    Digital health helps Canadians access better quality care, more efficiently. Electronic medical records help doctors and nurse practitioners manage patient difficulties, such as chronic diseases, more efficiently and effectively. Electronic health...

  • Accuracy and Convenience

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    Digital health increases accuracy and convenience by limiting human error and making it easier for Canadians to access health care services. One example is e-Prescribing — the secure, electronic creation and transmission of a prescriptions. It improves...

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How Technology is Transforming Health Care

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