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Your Results for Access for Rural and Remote Communities

  • Blog Post: Home Is Where the Care Is

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    Comfort can be derived from being at home among loved ones and familiar surroundings. It seems only natural that Canadians would want to be able to enjoy the comforts and benefits of home during their health care journey

  • Blog Post: Digital Health Is Transforming My Experience as a Patient

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    The ability to better track my health and wellness as a core member of my care team is paramount.

  • Blog Post: Remote Patient Care = Fewer Hospital Stays

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    Remote patient care (RPC) means patients can stay connected with their health care team while at home and that care teams can be alerted to a change in a patient’s condition before it becomes serious.

  • Blog Post: Telehealth Saves Dr. Picard’s Patients from Hours of Travel

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    Dr. Léo Picard’s patients have to deal with pain and mobility issues — this is why he uses videoconferencing solution to have virtual visits with his patients.

  • Dr. Matthew Chow’s Story: Access to Care through Telepsychiatry

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    Public investments in digital health have quite literally made my career as an e-Health leader. When I started my medical training, something as simple as video chatting was choppy and more of a gimmick than an effective communication tool. I entered...

  • Gerald’s Story: Improving Quality of Life through Telehomecare

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    In 2012, I was diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), a progressive disease that makes it hard to breathe due to poor air flow. My mother had been previously diagnosed with COPD, and so I was unfortunately familiar with the...

  • Allison’s Story: Support for Parents

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    In 2007 my daughter was diagnosed with autism. Every day is a challenge for her and also for me as her parent and primary caregiver. Health information technology has had a huge impact on us. For autism caregivers, today’s digital health platforms can...

  • Remote Patient Care

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    Patients with complex chronic conditions are being monitored and supported by their health care providers from the comfort of their homes, reducing disruption to their daily lives. Using remote patient care technology, providers are alerted to changes...

  • Saving You Time with Digital Health

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    Without the need for travel, or waiting in an office to see a health care provider, digital health innovations are providing modern conveniences and saving Canadians time. Here are some examples: Book an appointment – Schedule an appointment online to...

  • The Benefits of Digital Health

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    Digital health helps Canadians access better quality care, more efficiently. Electronic medical records help doctors and nurse practitioners manage patient difficulties, such as chronic diseases, more efficiently and effectively. Electronic health...

  • Access to Care through Telehealth

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    Telehealth connects patients in remote and rural communities to care through videoconferencing and other technology, reducing the need to travel. As a result, patients are able to gain timely access to care closer to home, saving them hours of travel....

  • Progress in Canada

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    Canada has made tremendous progress over the past 10-plus years in increasing the availability and use of digital health solutions.

  • Benefits of Digital Health

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    Digital health helps deliver better access to care, better quality of care and more efficient care, for patients and clinicians. It provides better access to care through solutions such as telehealth and remote patient monitoring.

  • What is Digital Health?

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    How Technology is Transforming Health Care Technology plays an important role in many aspects of our lives. Similar to the way technology has improved banking or the way we connect with family and friends, digital health is changing the delivery of...

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