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  • Toni's Story: Digital Access to Health Information Saves Time

    Meet Toni, a busy mom from Duncan, British Columbia, who accesses her family’s medical information securely online through the Closing the Circle of Care project, which provides patients with digital access to their health information, while honouring...

  • Dr. Kendall Ho's Story: Treatment in Emergency Situations

    The ability to access a patient’s electronic record online helped Dr. Ho better understand the medical problems his patient was facing.

  • Aaron’s Story: Saving Time Through e-Booking

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    In this video provided by the University of British Columbia, Aaron is a busy student juggling many demands on his time, so he takes advantage of e-booking when he needs to make an appointment with his family doctor....

  • Blog Post: Going from Paper to Digital Enables Quick Access to Immunization Records

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    With some vaccine-preventable diseases such as measles making a resurgence, quick and easy access to immunization records is more important than ever before.

  • From Paper to Digital: Childhood Immunization Records

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    The Panorama public health surveillance tool has given Holly Tronson, from Westbank First Nation in British Columbia, the reassurance of knowing that her children's immunization records are available digitally and can be retrieved easily and quickly by...

  • Dr. Matthew Chow’s Story: Access to Care through Telepsychiatry

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    Public investments in digital health have quite literally made my career as an e-Health leader. When I started my medical training, something as simple as video chatting was choppy and more of a gimmick than an effective communication tool. I entered...

  • Kevin’s Story: Empowerment through Patient Portals

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    From my first breath, to my childhood bout with pneumonia, to a brain scan while working in Japan, to regular check-ups back here in Vancouver, I've had many medical tests done on me all my life. The sad thing is nearly all my medical history has been...

  • Digital Immunization Record

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    The yellow immunization health card is an iconic symbol for every Canadian. But as a parent, imagine being able to check your child’s immunization history electronically instead of having to dig for the paper record? Or what if you received an email...

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