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  • Blog Post: What Would You Do with More Time?

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    Canadians could save millions of hours a year if they had more access to digital health tools, but only one in 10 Canadians currently has access to patient services online, such as e-booking, accessing test results or e-visits.

  • Blog Post: Telehealth Saves Dr. Picard’s Patients from Hours of Travel

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    Dr. Léo Picard’s patients have to deal with pain and mobility issues — this is why he uses videoconferencing solution to have virtual visits with his patients.

  • Blog Post: Cancer Led Me to Digital Health and I Haven’t Looked Back Since

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    I had never heard of digital health when a routine colonoscopy led to a devastating cancer diagnosis in January 2008. By the time I was declared cancer free seven years later, I was not only an avid user of digital health, I wouldn’t dream of giving it...

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