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Accuracy and Convenience

Digital health increases accuracy and convenience by limiting human error and making it easier for Canadians to access health care services. 

One example is e-Prescribing — the secure, electronic creation and transmission of a prescriptions. It improves patient safety and the overall quality of care, while reducing adverse drug events and the need for in-person appointments. Another example, online access to lab results, improves patient satisfaction and provides more timely access to results, with no increase to anxiety levels for patients.

Think Digital Health isn’t Making a Difference? Think Again.

Accessing Accurate Patient Information through Electronic Health Records

See how Brian benefits from his health care team’s use of electronic health records — making the process of getting his prescriptions filled more efficient and streamlined.

e-Visits. Where the only thing you’ll catch is your doctor.

How Technology is Transforming Health Care

Hear stories from other Canadians.