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Digital Health for Health Care Providers

Health care professionals need timely access to the most up-to-date information when making a patient care decision. However, lab test results, X-rays, medication histories, and other pertinent information are often in many different locations resulting in duplication, extra administrative tasks, or relying on a patient’s memory – ultimately leading to a delay in treatment or care planning. In fact, 93 per cent of physicians who use an electronic medical record said EMRs allow them to provide improved patient care.

The use of digital health in Canada is gaining momentum. Health care professionals in many parts of the country are already working with electronic systems and are experiencing benefits such as timely access to information, improved communication and collaboration, decision support and workflow, efficiency and avoided duplication as well as improved information management and patient education.

Physicians, nurses and pharmacists from a variety of practice settings agree that there is no going back to paper.

How Technology is Transforming Health Care

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