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Digital Access to Your Health Information


Access to health information helps empower Canadians to take an active role in their own health. Tweet this Using tools like patient portals and e-view solutions, patients can see their health information, such as lab results, online. This helps you better understand your health and take positive steps to improve it. It also means that you can confirm that the information in your health record is correct, and feel more confident about the care you are receiving.

For example, a survey found that 98 per cent of patients in a Nova Scotia pilot project who had access to their personal health record electronically said they have confidence in the information presented in their test results. Nearly seven in 10 (69 per cent) of Canadian adults said digital health solutions would allow them to take more control over how their health is managed.

Ask your health care provider about what options are available to you.

Think Digital Health isn’t Making a Difference? Think Again.

Digital Access to Your Health Information

With lab results online, anytime, you will never miss your doctor’s phone call again.

Digital health allows Alexa to access her test results online, enabling her to feel like a partner in her own care.


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