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Remote Patient Monitoring

  • Blog Post: Remote Patient Care = Fewer Hospital Stays

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    Remote patient care (RPC) means patients can stay connected with their health care team while at home and that care teams can be alerted to a change in a patient’s condition before it becomes serious.

  • Blog Post: There’s a New Normal for Congestive Heart Failure Patients: Fewer Hospital & ED Admissions

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    Those suffering from congestive heart failure (CHF) and other chronic conditions can now be truly empowered by receiving individualized care and just in time education in their own home, which leads to a significant reduction in hospital and emergency...

  • Dana and Brittany’s Story: The Benefits of Telehomecare (Remote Patient Monitoring)

    Dana Higgins and Brittany Kachur are nurses in the Saskatoon Health Region’s LiveWell Chronic Disease Management COPD Program who provided care to patients in a remote patient monitoring program, known in some parts of the country as telehomecare. They...

  • Darcy Marciniuk’s Story: Improving Patient Care

    As Medical Director of the Saskatoon Health Region’s LiveWell Chronic Disease Management COPD Program, Dr. Darcy Marciniuk says digital health has tremendous potential to improve patient care.

  • Donna Goodridge’s Story: Better Care for Patients with Chronic Diseases

    Donna Goodridge managed a remote patient monitoring program for the Saskatoon Health Region’s LiveWell Chronic Disease Management COPD Program. She says this telehomecare initiative offers tremendous benefits to patients who have chronic diseases.

  • Wendy’s Story: Living Well with Telehomecare (Remote Patient Monitoring)

    Wendy is an artist in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan who has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). She says telehomecare (remote patient monitoring) is a “Godsend” that provides people like her with the care and support they need, in their own homes.

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