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Managing Your Health

  • Blog Post: Remote Patient Care = Fewer Hospital Stays

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    Remote patient care (RPC) means patients can stay connected with their health care team while at home and that care teams can be alerted to a change in a patient’s condition before it becomes serious.

  • Blog Post: Remote Patient Monitoring Could Improve the Quality of Life for Patients

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    Although Canada’s health care system faces many challenges ahead, there is also tremendous innovation happening that is transforming the way health care is delivered.

  • Confidence and Collaboration

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    Often, patients dealing with a medical condition see multiple health care providers, including trips to the emergency department, visits with specialists and regular check-ins with their family doctor, to name just a few. Co-ordinating care between...

  • Managing Chronic Conditions

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    For those with chronic conditions such as diabetes, digital health can make day-to-day monitoring and tracking easier. Electronic portals and apps enable patients to be a more active part of their care team and to track their condition more closely....

  • What is Digital Health?

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    How Technology is Transforming Health Care Technology plays an important role in many aspects of our lives. Similar to the way technology has improved banking or the way we connect with family and friends, digital health is changing the delivery of...

  • Whiteboard Animation: Saving Time with Digital Health Tools

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    A new whiteboard animation examines findings from a Conference Board of Canada report that looked into how much time people could save if they had access to digital health.

How Technology is Transforming Health Care

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