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Digital Imaging

  • 99% of Imaging in Canadian Hospitals is Now Digital

    With digital health, your health records, like x-rays, can be accessed by any authorized member of your health care team. Our ad explores how digital imaging is making your x-rays available here, there and everywhere. Learn more by viewing the real-life...

  • Benefits of Digital Health

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    Digital health helps deliver better access to care, better quality of care and more efficient care, for patients and clinicians. It provides better access to care through solutions such as telehealth and remote patient monitoring.

  • Digital Health at Work in Canadian Hospitals

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    From bar codes that ensure patients get the correct medication to clinical decision support tools to hospital information systems, digital health is an integral part of Canadian hospitals. It helps provide authorized staff with timely information about...

  • Marissa’s Story: Digital Imaging

    After fracturing her ankle, Marissa benefited from digital imaging that ensured her x-rays were easily accessible by her care team, when they needed them.

  • Progress in Canada

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    Canada has made tremendous progress over the past 10-plus years in increasing the availability and use of digital health solutions.

How Technology is Transforming Health Care

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