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HCLDR Tweet Chat: The Benefits of and Barriers to Digitally-Enabled Patient-Centred Care


14 November 2018


Download the chat transcript from the Tuesday, Nov. 13, tweet chat with the #HCLDR community as they discussed the Benefits of and Barriers to Digitally-enabled Patient-centred Care, focusing in on the following topic:

  • T1: What’s your biggest frustration with access to healthcare or managing your own health (or caring for others) that you think digital health could help you with? #HCLDR
  • T2: What digital conveniences do you currently take advantage of in other aspects of your life that you think could also have a positive impact if adopted to healthcare? #HCLDR
  • T3: What are the main barriers to providing patients with access to personal health information and other e-services? Is it technology? Willingness? Lack of resources? #HCLDR
  • T4: What can healthcare leaders do to enable faster adoption of digital health? What do we need to start doing/stop doing? #HCLDR


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