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About Us

Better Health Together is a public education campaign developed by Canada Health Infoway (Infoway) to raise awareness of the value and benefits of digital health among Canadians. It is supported by a community of governments and leading clinical, consumer and patient organizations that recognize the importance of digital health.

Infoway, and the Better Health Together Supporting Organizations, believe it’s important for Canadians to understand what is currently possible and, we hope, it will inspire you to learn about the value and benefits of digital health for you and your loved ones. To bring this to life, Canadians like you and health care providers have shared their personal stories through Better Health Together.  Do you have a story about your own experience with digital health? Connect with us on our Facebook page.

Better Health Together does not provide digital health services, retain personal health information or provide medical advice.

If you have a question, visit our FAQ or contact us if you cannot find an answer on our website.


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