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Finding Digital Health in Your Community

Every province and territory, and health care provider, are at different stages of using digital health. Regardless, digital health can provide benefits for both your health care providers and for you, and there are options available to you to incorporate digital health into your care today.

Speak to your health care provider about what options are available, and how they are using digital health. Here are some questions you can ask at your next appointment:

  • Are you using an electronic medical record in this practice?
  • Are you able to access my records from the local hospital electronically?
  • Do you have access to provincial health records?
  • How is my health information kept private and secure within this practice?
  • What wellness tools and health apps do you recommend?
  • Do you offer digital health tools for me to use, such as e-visits, e-booking or e-prescription renewals?
  • Can I access my health record online and how?



How Technology is Transforming Health Care

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