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Privacy and the protection of personal health information are critically important to the delivery of digital health to Canadians.

That is why all of Canada’s provinces and territories have privacy laws in place.  In fact many jurisdictions have developed specific health information privacy or e-health laws to protect your personal health information.

All of these laws also offer additional protections through independent privacy oversight bodies that can look into resolving privacy issues related to an individual’s personal health information.

You can play an active role in protecting the privacy of your own personal health information:

  • By learning more about your privacy rights under these laws
  • By visiting your jurisdictional health ministry/agency or privacy oversight office websites for information on electronic health records, how they are protected and how to request access to or correction of your medical records
  • By learning more about your local health organization’s privacy practices

Canada Health Infoway (Infoway) works closely with the provinces and territories to integrate privacy into all digital health initiatives and to identify practices that can be leveraged for re-use across the country.

To learn more about Infoway’s role in protecting privacy, please visit us online.


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