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Kevin’s Story: Empowerment through Patient Portals

From my first breath, to my childhood bout with pneumonia, to a brain scan while working in Japan, to regular check-ups back here in Vancouver, I've had many medical tests done on me all my life. The sad thing is nearly all my medical history has been lost, either unprinted or stuck in doctor offices around the world.

Then I watched a TED Talk, 'Meet E-Patient Dave,' where Dave discusses how medical data should be easily accessible on-line for patients. I thought, 'This is a great idea! Too bad it's going to take years to implement and years more to come to Canada.'

Turns out I was wrong: it was already here in BC at myehealth! Last year, I had a condition that left me weak and required a lot of testing. Thanks to myehealth, I could see all the results on-line as soon as the tests were done. I learned so many new terms, understood what was abnormal in my body that I could discuss with my doctor, and when by body was perfectly normal, saving me a follow-up trip. I've since helped my parents sign-up for the service, too.

My mother always wanted to be a doctor. While I have nothing close to a med degree, with the control and knowledge I've gained through this health information technology, I feel more empowered, kind of like a doctor of my own health. Although don't ask me to do any surgery yet, blood makes me squeamish! Thanks myehealth, you're a literal life-saver!

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